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Machine Gun Preacher - Life Lessons and Movie Review

Based on a True Story Machine Gun Preacher Stars Gerard Butler. You may already know him from his stunning performances in movies like 300 or one of my favorites Law Abiding Citizen . His wife is played by Michelle Monaghan which has a long list of films to her credit. The True Story of Sam Childers This movie is based on  preacher named Sam Childers. Pastor Sam is trying to save as many kidnapped children in war-torn Sudan as he possibly can. He uses any means necessary to keep these children from being violently forced to become mercenaries slaves. You can read the book  or watch the Machine Gun Preacher Documentary Sex, Drugs, and violence Sam went from a drug dealing biker to a machine gun preacher. Sex, drugs, and violence are prevalent in the film, but this is an attempt to illustrate Sam's transformation from Drug dealing biker to machine gun preacher.   Life Lessons There are some lessons we can learn from this film.    Talk is cheap Many people like to Monday Morning Quar

Christ the Healer - F.F. Bosworth - My Book Review

  My Mindset before reading this book I want to give you the background of where I'm coming from before I review this book .I was raised in the cessationist church and a household that was at best lukewarm when it comes to the gospel. I had many Supernatural experiences and my church basically shunned all things supernatural.  When I was old enough to leave home I went straight to the new age in order to learn about the supernatural. Watch my testimony for Jesus here  to see how I came to Jesus by an encounter I had in 1995. Healing is in the New Testament.  One of the things that I noticed is that healing is definitely in the New Testament and in parts of the Old Testament. So I knew that healing was in the Bible.  Because I was in good health I  decided to put the study of healing on the back burner. In light of my religious upbringing, I thought most of the evangelists were frauds and that the healing miracles were fake.   I kept encountering healings When I had my encounter in

Bluetooth Beanie Review - Excellent Value and Rocking Sound Quality!

Great for cold weather! I am writing this review right now and it is freezing weather, so I thought that this would be a good time to review the Wireless Beanie Hat that I frequently wear when it  is cold.   This Rocking Musical beanie  keeps my head warm and it has an amazing sound quality for the price. I have had mine for about two years now and it is still going strong.  Five Star Review It currently has 5 star reviews on Amazon, which means I am not the only person that likes it.   Some of the top mentions in the reviews are “sound quality”, “Battery life”, and “highly recommend”.  If you scroll through the comments, you can see that people rave over this decent quality, yet inexpensive Bluetooth musical beanie.   Impressive Battery Life The battery life is certainly impressive. It has an awesome 720 hours on standby and it only takes a couple of hours to fully charge.  Once the Bluetooth hat is fully charged you can play music for up to ten hours straight.   . Seamless Bluetooth 

Unexpected Benefits from Using Mini Exercise Fitness Bands

  I have had some amazing and unexpected benefits!  I was surprised from some of the benefits I received from these Coobons Fitness Mini Exercise Bands.  I have been using mini exercise bands for over a year now, and I have noticed some pleasant and unexpected benefits.   Having these mini exercise bands is like working out for sedentary people.  Sedentary people who want to gain strength that is. It is actually possible to gain strength and build muscle while watching television!  Some benefits that I noticed are: Insomnia & Restless Leg Syndrome  I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but I would be willing to bet that I have restless leg syndrome.  I call it “the wiggles”. This is a very frustrating thing to have. It is like you get this rush of energy right before you are supposed to go to bed. You simply have to wiggle your legs.  If you don’t wiggle your legs you might explode.   I got the idea  to simply tire my legs out by stretching the mini exercise bands r