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Christ the Healer - F.F. Bosworth - My Book Review

  My Mindset before reading this book I want to give you the background of where I'm coming from before I review this book .I was raised in the cessationist church and a household that was at best lukewarm when it comes to the gospel. I had many Supernatural experiences and my church basically shunned all things supernatural.  When I was old enough to leave home I went straight to the new age in order to learn about the supernatural. Watch my testimony for Jesus here  to see how I came to Jesus by an encounter I had in 1995. Healing is in the New Testament.  One of the things that I noticed is that healing is definitely in the New Testament and in parts of the Old Testament. So I knew that healing was in the Bible.  Because I was in good health I  decided to put the study of healing on the back burner. In light of my religious upbringing, I thought most of the evangelists were frauds and that the healing miracles were fake.   I kept encountering healings When I had my encounter in