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Unexpected Benefits from Using Mini Exercise Fitness Bands

  I have had some amazing and unexpected benefits!  I was surprised from some of the benefits I received from these Coobons Fitness Mini Exercise Bands.  I have been using mini exercise bands for over a year now, and I have noticed some pleasant and unexpected benefits.   Having these mini exercise bands is like working out for sedentary people.  Sedentary people who want to gain strength that is. It is actually possible to gain strength and build muscle while watching television!  Some benefits that I noticed are: Insomnia & Restless Leg Syndrome  I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but I would be willing to bet that I have restless leg syndrome.  I call it “the wiggles”. This is a very frustrating thing to have. It is like you get this rush of energy right before you are supposed to go to bed. You simply have to wiggle your legs.  If you don’t wiggle your legs you might explode.   I got the idea  to simply tire my legs out by stretching the mini exercise bands r