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The face of Christ on the book cover of Christ the Healer by F. F. Bosworth
My Mindset before reading this book

I want to give you the background of where I'm coming from before I review this book .I was raised in the cessationist church and a household that was at best lukewarm when it comes to the gospel. I had many Supernatural experiences and my church basically shunned all things supernatural.  When I was old enough to leave home I went straight to the new age in order to learn about the supernatural. Watch my testimony for Jesus here to see how I came to Jesus by an encounter I had in 1995.

Healing is in the New Testament. 

One of the things that I noticed is that healing is definitely in the New Testament and in parts of the Old Testament. So I knew that healing was in the Bible.  Because I was in good health I  decided to put the study of healing on the back burner. In light of my religious upbringing, I thought most of the evangelists were frauds and that the healing miracles were fake.  

I kept encountering healings

When I had my encounter in 1995 I started gravitating to churches and to people who were operating in the gifts of healing. I was present when God healed David George in front of the entire congregation. I kept meeting people with the gifts of healing. People like Doug Hanson, Kevin Riardon, Stephen Barrett, Garry Nesbit, and others.  If you check their links, you can find many testimonies from people that they prayed for and got healed.  

It was time to tackle this issue

So I decided to tackle this mystery of whether healing is for today or not. Although I've seen from experience that there are healings today,  I struggled with why the cessationists are so against it.  They firmly believe that God doesn't heal people anymore. So who is right? My own experience?  Scripture? or both? 

I wanted to read a book by someone that actually operated in the gifts of healing. I've read many such books but this one does tackle the theology head on more than most others.  I love reading books by people that actually do what the Bible says to do and that can articulate their beliefs with supporting scripture. Bosworth does that in spades. 

F. F. Bosworth dies on Jan 23, 1958.
F. F. Bosworth
Bosworth's Background

After Bosworth was supernaturally healed he moved to the City of Zion in Illinois where medicine was banned and only faith healing was allowed.  He also became close friends with John G. Lake and an acquaintance of Charles Parham.  He visited Azusa Street Revival in 1907 and was one of the founding fathers of the Assemblies of God.  

Main Points of the Book

Healing is for all Christians

F.F. Bosworth believes that is God's will to heal all Christians.    He makes the argument that the body becomes God's Property upon salvation and that God promises to heal it.

Healing is Conditional

Bosworth makes the argument that our blessings are conditional upon our walk with God. Our confession with our mouths and the beliefs in our hearts must line up with what God says. Bosworth emphasizes standing on confession and not wavering.

Addressing the Cessationists 

He also discusses some of the arguments of the naysayers to healing and finally moves to some really awesome testimonies. He addresses the arguments of seminary professors who reject the supernatural aspect of Christianity.  

The book ends with how he passes which is a wonderful testimony in and of itself.

I recommend this book

I recommend this book if you're struggling with understanding whether Jesus heals people today or not. It makes some compelling arguments that healing is for today from someone that had a ministry with many miracles and testimonies.  

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